Happy New Year 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wow - I can't believe it's 2015 already!  I know I have said this before, but this year I really want to post more to my blog.  I was sad when I reviewed my posts in 2014 ... I think those are the least amount of posts I made since starting this blog.  This year - one of my new year's resolutions is to post more regularly.  I'll post at least 5 posts a month - I can do this!

Every year I choose one little word ... a word of the year ... to guide to live by every day for the year.  This year, my word is:

I chose this word because I tend to find myself rushing through life just to get things done, to mark it off my never ending to do list.  I don't want to live this way.  I want to 'enjoy the process' ...enjoy it all from the mundane functions of life to the more exciting times.  Everything counts .... being present is a gift that I give to myself and to my family.

 I was hesitant to write out my New Year's Resolutions ... not sure why?  I guess I have become increasingly aware at the number of people who actually read this little blog of mine and listing my resolutions makes me feel very 'exposed' and vulnerable ... however I'm going to do it anyway because I think in the long run putting my goals out there will help with my accountability to them.

  • Commit to a healthy lifestyle every day.  
The 'every day' is most important because I'm all 'gung ho' on Monday's and then peter out when the weekend rolls around.  I'm on the endless cycle of lose 5 pounds during the week and then gain it back over the weekend.   I found this quote which says it all in what I need to remember every day!


  • Grow my spiritual practice with God
  We want to make a better effort in attending church every Sunday ... if we are home we will go.  Also, I want to read my bible every morning. 

  • Be mindful of my finances and make wise decisions to achieve long term financial goals
I'm an 'over buyer' ... I tend to buy without thinking, without doing any research or asking myself the question - do I really want this; is it worth the money, do I need it.  This year, I'll be more mindful of what I buy and bring into our home.
  • Expand and enrich my relationships, reach out, connect say yes more often
There is a lot in here ... I want to meet more people, be more involved, say yes to invites and new relationships.  I want to host more parties, invite people over, put myself out there this year in reaching out and expanding my social circle. 
  • Simplify my life by decluttering and organizing my home
I'm following a 52 weeks to decluttering your home challenge.  So far, so good ... during our winter break we have been organizing and clearing out a lot of 'stuff'.  I have too much STUFF ... I feel the need to simplify this year. 
  • Recharge and recommit to my professional career
This is the year I need to recommit to my career; make some long term goals.  Look for ways to exceed expectations and bring my best every day. 
  • Be intentionally present in my daughter's life; model a good life 
I think I do a good job at this already; but this year I want to be more mindful of her reaching out to me and always saying yes.  Be present in her every day life ... spend quality time with her, when she wants to show me something go NOW - don't wait ... she's growing up way too fast!

  • Improve my marriage; look for the good and show appreciation
I know one thing I can do is to appreciate my husband for who he is and not always focus on what I wish he was or what I hope he'll do ... he's a good man and I'm lucky to have him in my life.  Everyone has flaws, nobody is perfect, appreciate him for who he is.  He makes me a better person. 
  • Continue to pursue my creative outlets: blogging, photography, journaling, reading, etc... 
Do more of the things I love to do - make the time and plan out blogging posts.  I also noted that I barely used my DSL camera this year; the iphone is just so convienent but it is far from the quality of a real DSL.  I am going to bring my camera with me more often and look for opportunites to take pictures.  I also need to brush up on my skills. 

  • Learn chord theory on the piano
This is quite random, but I wanted to learn a new skill this year ... and this is it.  I know the basics of classical piano, but I can't just pick up a modern piece of music and play it.  With chord theory you can and it's a lot easier to learn.  
So there you have it ... I know a lot and some aren't really 'goals' but visions for my life in general since I see many of them not stopping in 2015.   I'm looking forward to 2015!
Wishing you and yours a very happy new year!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Am glad to see you came back to blogging. Am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

I am still not sure what the one word for this 2015 is yet to be... I chose Peace for 2014.

Have a Blessed New year!


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