First Snow of the Year

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We had our first snowfall of the year yesterday.  Of course, school was cancelled which, of course, thrilled Olivia so there was lots of sled riding and playing with friends today.

After work, we bundled up for a walk and I took my camera.  One of my resolutions for the year is to return to my good 'ole DSL camera and enjoy taking pictures again.  This includes uploading them and editing them in Photoshop.  I seriously have not even opened Photoshop in over a year .... there will need to be a lot of relearning and refreshing my memory, but I managed to figure out how to use some of my pre-set actions.  I remembered how much fun it is to edit my photos when I have the time! 

I'm not going to critique these photos too much ... so many little things I forgot to do - for example, where are the catch lights in her eyes?  The focus is off in many of them ...but heck I give myself credit for getting out there again and shooting.  Plus, it's rare that my pre-teen daughter will pose for pictures anymore-- she allowed me a few today so I'm thankful for them, regardless if she has cheese and cracker crumbs all over her mouth - life is not perfect!

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Anonymous said...

Precious pictures of your doggy too! Thanks for sharing! :) Carrie

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