11 Things

Friday, November 7, 2014

11 things I love about for my 11 year old daughter.

1.  She is fearless
2.  She has a big heart
3.  She works hard at things that are important
4.  She is brave
5.  She has a grateful heart
6.  She follows Jesus
7.  She knows how to be a good friend
8.  She knows how to spin anything into a more positive light
9.  She is independent 
10.  She is curious
11.  She may be tiny, but she is oh so mighty!!


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Anonymous said...


When you chose 11 things, the number 11 is significant to me because that was my mom's birthday, 11/11, who passed away last year; and few things have happened on that day since then that blows my mind to this day! :) Happy belated Birthday to your daughter! :) Hope she had a wonderful birthday, and I am sure she did because she has a very loving family! ;)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Thanks for continuing to blog which I enjoy it very much.


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