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Sunday, August 5, 2012

I recently went to a class called "Fostering I Can Attitudes in Your Children."  It was very informative and very good.  I learned so many things, but one thing that I'm definitely doing is helping Olivia learn to be more independent.  She is so much more capabilities then we think she is.  So I am on a mission to start teaching her some more skills around self-sufficiency.  This workshop says that doing these things fosters self-reliance in our children, which in turn breeds confidence in their abilities.  It's harder on us in a way because she is an only child and it's really just easier to do a lot of things for her ... easier and not that more difficult.   It's not like we are purposely trying to spoil her ... it's just that she gets a lot of our attention by default.  But I understand that I need to hold myself back from doing things for her and help her learn how to do things for herself!  It will only help her as she grows up!

2012 08 04

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