Mommy - Daughter Date

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dan went to his high school reunion this weekend which meant it was just Olivia and I.  We had such a good time ... we decided to have a 'real' date one night.  We got all dressed up.  She came down the stairs dressed in a cute dress, necklace and a purse!  We went to Johnny Rockets and shared a milkshake over dinner.  She even opened doors for me ... like a real date - it was just too precious!  Then during dinner she presents me with a present, a little ring.  She said to me, "I'm always thinking of you Mommy!"  Melt my heart!  We then had such a cute conversation about life and what she's excited about to start 4th grade. After dinner we went to see Ice Age 3.   We had the best time and I'm so grateful for this little girl in my life!  I'm determined to create more special moments like this with her ... we both needed it and loved it!

2012 08 03

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