Awesome Saturday

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Had such a great day ....

Olivia had a morning play date so that meant Dan and I had a three hour window to play on the Harley. We decided to ride down to Middleburg. It offered up the perfect country roads to explore and test the bike on. It was a beautiful sunny day!

We stopped along the way to take pictures and explore. Then we stopped for lunch at a fun roadside tavern. So many bikers out today .... we need to make some biker friends!

Then our time was up so we raced back home. Then it was time for a little work around the house... mainly yard work and cleaning up the from porch to make it ready for spring!

Olivia's friend Zoe came over in the afternoon and I went for a nice
3 mile run!

Then we all got cleaned up and rode our bikes to Sals Pizza for dinner.

It was just a fun wonderful Saturday ....probably because the weather was perfect and we all felt ready for Spring and be done with hibernation!

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