Top 10 Facts on brushing Rosie!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

1. As soon as you show Rosie the brush she will go insane!
2. It is imperative that you brush her outside ... Unless you enjoy non-stop vacuuming and sweeping!
3. Wear old clothes ... Believe me you will look like a dog yourself with the amount of hair you will be covered with!
4. At some point Rosie will calm down and submit to the brushing.
5. Neighbors may wonder of it's snowing outside with the fluff of hair that will start to circulate.
6. You will accumulate piles and piles of hair (see picture). Note to self, yes people do make sweaters out of this stuff, but you must resist the urge!
7. The goal is not to remove all hair and to keep brushing until the brush is clean after a swipe ... Realize soon that this is a futile goal ... It's just not going to happen!
8. As soon as Rosie is allowed back inside realize she will run to the nearest carpet you just vacuumed and roll around on it depositing any strand hairs remaining!
9. If you want to cut down on the hair in your house make your dog wear a ridiculous t-short - they love it (NOT)
10. Rosie will be ├╝ber hyper all day because now she thinks she is a rock

And as an extra bonus ...

11. You will not have to go to the gym that day because brushing Rosie is a

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