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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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After Crete we sailed to the much anticipated island of Greece ... Santorini. It certain,y lived up it's name and all the gorgeous pictures of blue domes and white washed houses

We had about an hour to sound in the village if Oia. Dan and I raced from one end to the other exploring side streets that would take us to spectacular views over the Aegean sea. We took so many pictures and we were happy that at least it didn't rain!!

After Oia we went to the main village of the island ... Still perched on top of the cliffs. Once again we only had about 2 hours to explore before we had to race back to the ship. We found a cute little cafe overlooking the cliffs and drank a glass of local Santorini wine while watching the sunset ... That was nice. The. We did a little shopping and had to decide if we were going to wait in the horrendous line to take the trolly down or attempt the 20 min walk down the walkway sharing it with donkeys. we decided to take the donkey trail and that was a lot of fun .... Side stepping the donkey poo and heards of donkeys coming up the trail. We skipped riding the donkey down since it looked a bit precarious and we had our donkey fill on Rhodes

We loved Santorini and will definitely visit again and for a much linger time next go around!!

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