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Thursday, April 21, 2011

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This morning we loaded a tour bus to Ephesus. The ancient city. Wow what a fascinating morning...some interesting facts about Ephesus.

1. It's the largest archeology site in the world and they only uncovered 10% of it. 90% is still being excavated.

2. It was the most populated city in the 6th century. In the late 6th century the population was wiped out by malaria.

3. It houses one of the ancient wonders of the world temple

4. Historians believe that these ancient people believed the earth was round because one of the statutes of Apollo their Greek God is holding the world in his hand and it's round

5. St. Paul came to Ephesus to bring Christianity it's in the bible and he preached in the this theater.

6. For good measure the brothel (well it is the worlds oldest occupation) was under the library

7. Okay just one more ... The rich had their slaves sit in their marble toilet to warm the seat ... Hence the word bench warmers!

I also didn't realize that Turkey is a part of Asia ... So now I can say I have been to that continent

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After Ephesus we went into Kusadasiwhere we saw a demonstration of carpet making and had to try to politely exit since we didn't want to drop a grand on a 10k carpet

Dan and I later split up in the Turkish Bazare for about an hour before our shipped sailed since we had very different ideas on what kind of shops we wanted to go into and when you only have an hour you must veppbe efficient. It was a very apsafe town so I was fine venturing out alone. I bought a few nice things ... One to add to my box collection. Dan came back with a genuine fake watch ;-)

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All and all Turkey was cool and a great experience

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