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Friday, October 8, 2010

Last year, Dan bought us a glider ride for our anniversary.  This past weekend, we finally made plans to drive up to the State College area and spend a glorious weekend walking around Penn State (good memories...good good memories) and stay at a lovely Bed & Breakfast in Bellfonte, PA. On Saturday, we drove to Julian, Pa for the glider ride.


IMG_1032 copy

We had a fantastic time - nothing can describe the feeling of floating on air in a tiny plane - no noise except the wind coming through the tiny window.  Do you remember this scene in Thomas Crown Affair?   It was just like this, minus the upside down flip (that would NOT have been fun) and of course, Pierce Brosnan behind me (my pilot was behind me, which by the way, was A OK by me!)

2010 10 02

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