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Friday, October 8, 2010

While Dan and I were strolling along College Ave at PSU, I told him my fantasy life would be that we were both professors at the college.  I, a professor of Psychology with a side business in Photography and he a professor of Architecture.  We lived in a sleepy little town right outside of the college and hosted lovely dinner parties for our fellow professors and students.  We also owned a B&B right next store to our lovely home, but left all the management of the property to a lovely retired couple, who also looked after our sweet children (boy and girl) after school until Dan and I returned from class (which would be early afternoon because heck we would be in charge of our class schedules).  We would take summers off and research/study/travel/write books ... you know, all the 'normal' stuff that folks with ample free time (and money) do!  Yes...that's my next life for sure!!

I think this house would make a fine B&B ... don't you think?

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LobotoME said...

that house is amazing...where is it?!

J :)

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