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Thursday, October 25, 2007

I feel like I spend most of my traveling hours stuck in LaGuardia airport! Of course, my flight has been delayed. Is it raining it there a mechanical problem...NO. Who knows, but my flight was originally supposed to take off at 7pm is now delayed to 9:30pm with no explanation. I tried getting on an earlier flight, but for some reason they decided to put a weight restriction on that flight so they couldn't even take all their confirmed passengers, much less standby ones. Was there an explanation offered...nope. This happened on the way here too. Flight was delayed for 3 hours, but luckily I did some maneuvering and was able to change flights and fly into JFK instead and left right on time. At the very least, this airport offers wireless Internet access so thank goodness I have surfing my blogs to keep me entertained!

So Tinsel Trading Company was a BIG disappointment....Jen and Amy you didn't miss anything. It was just a bunch of trim, and flowers. Nothing really exciting at all and WAY too expensive, but what can you expect from NYC. Oh well! At least I can stop fantasizing about that stupid store, LOL!

So what else is new? I bought a new book and started reading it on the plane ride up. It's called, Basic Black by Cathie Black, who is the President of Hearst Magazines. So far, pretty good reading. All about how to improve your career and great advice on how to have what she's calling a 360 degree life. She mentions in her book that yes, you can have it all...just not all at the same time. That made a lot of sense to me and provided a more realistic view of work/life balance for working mothers.

At my meeting today, they gave us all the new Ipod Nano's as a thank you for a project/process we all worked on this past year. That was pretty exciting. Of course, I just bought (well used my company anniversary service gift certificate to buy it) a new Ipod. Which I'm listening to right now..."Every Rose Has It's Thorn" by Poisen....yes, I grew up in the 80's and yes, I loved that show, Rock of Love. So I guess Dan is going to be very happy when I give this to him when I get home. He has the older Nano, so he'll be psyched about having the video version now. I hope this gets me some wife brownie points :-)...maybe this means I can get him to do another little house project in return, LOL!

I forgot to mention that I tried to make the brownies in the Deceptively Delicious cookbook last week. The recipe called for pureed carrots and spinach. Well, I mixed everything up and the batter tasted pretty good. So put it in the oven, and well kind of forgot about it for about two hours (had a few conference calls that got in the way!). Needless to say, when I took them out, I did taste it.....and immediately dumped the whole thing in the garbage can. I swear, I just can't bake! So I'm not going to blame the recipe and give up on this cookbook, since obviously this error was my fault. I'll attempt again and let you know how it goes.

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