Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So isn't the standard reply to "What did you do in school today?" of "Nothing"...not supposed to really happen until pre-teen years? Well then, will someone please send my 4-year daughter the memo? I never get the scoop on what she does in class all day. Every time I ask her what she did in school today she replies with "Nothing". So I push..."So you just sat there all day long and stared at a wall?" Her reply, "Yes". So I push some more..."So you didn't play, eat a snack, and what about this picture you supposedly drew...you didn't do that either." Her reply, "That's right, I did nothing all day long!" Ugh, Lord help me!

1 comment :

Amy W said...

OMG - too funny, but totally sounds like Princess Olivia! TAG, you and Dan are going to have your hands full when she is actually a preteen!

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