Wednesday, August 1, 2007

After many years of prodding by Dan, I finally decided to go for an official consultation for Lasik eye surgery. I have been wearing eye glasses since the age of one. I still have my tiny little glasses. albeit without the mile thick prescription that plagued my early years. I am farsighted, coupled with a lazy eye and astigmatism. My eyesight has actually improved since childhood and my eye doctor said that they treat people with my similar prescription successfully with Lasik all the time now.

So with that, I have an appointment on Monday with TLC, a well-known Lasik eye center who treated Tiger Woods (hell I'm only going to go to the top place around!) in Tysons Corner. So they will run some additional tests and tell me officially if I'm a good candidate for the surgery. The only crappy thing is that I would have to wear my eyeglasses for two months before they would do the surgery. I wear gas permeable contact lenses and they actually reshape the cornea of your before they do surgery they have to be sure that the cornea is the normal shape. So wearing my glasses for that long would totally suck. Anyway, we'll see what the surgeon says on Monday. I would only do the surgery if the results would be that I would have 20/20 vision and no longer need any type of corrective lenses. Stay tuned!

edited: Well I had my official appointment with the surgeon on Monday. Apparently, at this point, I'm a good candidate for Lasik. However, I have to stay out of my contacts for four weeks...then go back and measure my cornea again. At that point they will be able to see, once my cornea starts to go back to normal (hard contact lenses change the shape of your cornea) they will be able to tell if I am still a 'good candidate'. So for now, I am at least making the commitment to stay in my glasses for 4 weeks...September 4th is my appointment. We'll see how it goes. I still have a ton of reservations about the whole thing...but if I at least don't see it through to see if it's an option...I'll always wonder about it. Continue to stay tuned!

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