Sundays - I love 'em; I hate 'em

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I have a love:hate relationship with Sundays. I love Sundays for their promise of relaxation and knowing that for the most part..nothing major usually happens on a Sunday that you have to get ready for. It's a day to tie up lose ends and prepare for the week ahead. For me, Sundays are also full of new beginnings. Sundays are the start of a week...the first day to begin many of my bright ideas of 'starting over' on this or that (i.e, new diet, exercise program, new goals, etc...). These are my reasons to love Sundays.

Now, on the other hand, I hate Sundays because they signify the end of the weekend, the end of sleeping in (well, as much as one can sleep in with a 4 year old down the hall), the end of staying up really late to scrapbook, watch movies, or hang out with friends/family. For me, on Sundays, I usually start to get the nagging feeling that I have to accomplish the million and one things on my to do list (i.e., finish laundry (including putting it away), cleaning house, accomplishing some little organizational project (like my disaster zone of a closet), convincing Dan to finish a small home project, etc...if I don't get these things done...or at least some of them on my mental checklist....I end up feeling stressed and not ready to start the week. These are my reasons to hate Sundays.

As you can probably guess, the mere fact that I am updating my blog on a Sunday night, signifies that I have accomplished the rare event that everything (for the most part) has been nicely checked off on my weekend to do list. It was a very productive weekend, especially on Sunday:
  • Dan stripped all the dining room wallpaper and it's ready to be painted
  • Finished loads and loads of laundry, including putting it ALL away (well, mine and Olivia's are away....Dan's is another story!)
  • Went to Clemyjontri park with friends and had a nice lunch together
  • Cleaned the house
  • Organized my closet (resulting in three bags of clothes to bring to Goodwill) - while Olivia took a 2 hour nap
  • Updated my blog
  • Finished my Sesame Street mini-album
  • Attended a wedding and danced with Dan during the "Anniversary dance" where the dj asked couples to leave the dance floor one-by-one depending on how long they were married. Dan and I were the 'youngest' couple left on the dance floor who were married the longest (12 years). The last couple dancing were married for 41 years...I think Dan and I will make it and that feels great.
  • Completed all my errands which meant visiting 5 different stores to return things...things that have been sitting around for weeks!
  • Olivia's passport papers signed off and in the mail
  • Olivia's backpack is all ready for school tomorrow
  • My workout clothes and shoes are all ready for the 5:30am wake-up call

So cheers to you Sunday...I hope to have many more like you in the future, LOL!

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Amy W said...

OK, I'm convinced that Andrew and Olivia got together and determined that Olivia would take the nap and Andrew would be a terror! I got NO nap from my child yesterday and then he was a terror from 6:30 on because he was soo tired. And I was completely irritated because unlike you Miss Productivity, I got NO laundry's multiplying as we speak!

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