Day Four - France

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Our last full day in Paris was spent touring the Versailles castle, the Louvre, a bike ride and putting a lock on Pont Nuef bridge.  We walked a total number of 36,000 steps this day - a record for us. 

Our apartment manager, David, offered to take us on a one on one tour of Versailles....knowing that we had to take a train out of the city and maneuver our way around this huge chateau it seemed like a great idea to let someone us else lead us around for the day.  We were right, David was amazing and we learned so much more about this place than what we could have done on our own.  He actually was a Penn State graduate as well ... that was an added bonus!

We were exhausted after touring Versailles, but we still had to make it to the Louvre which was open until 7pm on Wednesdays ... so David took us back by train and then a few metro connections which got us right at the entrance.  Having him to get us there probably saved us two hours! 

We didn't have much time, so of course we headed directly to the Mona Lisa and then saw some of the other major sites in the museum.  Seeing the real Mona Lisa was so cool!!

Even though we were utterly exhausted after the Louvre, we headed back to our apartment to rent bikes for a couple hours to close out the evening by biking to the bridge to put the lock on the railing. After we got back, we were so surprised that David stopped by to give us a few gifts - his favorite goat cheese, a specially made by his chef friend raspberry tart for Olivia and a bottle of champagne.  It was amazing - such a thoughtful and wonderful man!

That's a wrap to the City of Lights. In the morning, we got our rental car and headed out of Paris and on to Normandy ... stay tuned for Day 5!

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