Being Spontaneous

Monday, July 4, 2016

I'm normally not a very spontaneous person.  I like plans, lists, agendas, a full Outlook calendar that is even color coded based on the type of activity.   My dear husband is the exact oppositive and doesn't like to 'commit' to an agenda or plan because what happens if something better comes along - you never know.  Well today, I threw caution to the wind and said, let's just plan to go for a bike ride and we'll see where it takes us.  Let me tell you it took us all over the place and so many fun little discoveries ... today was a great day with no plan - go figure!

First we took the Historic Whites Ferry across the Potomac River and drove through Poolsville. 

We came upon a pick-your-own farm, Homestead Farm, and blueberries were in season. We spent an hour picking and eating, picking and eating.  We filled a whole bucket full - 6 pounds worth.  Can you tell blueberries are our favorite. 

After blueberry picking we happened across a cute little winery, Rocklands Farm.  We ate lunch under a big tree that kept the sprinkling rain off.  It was magical.  I tried their chardonnay and Dan tried a glass of red.  He liked it so much he bought a bottle.  We fed the ducks that were waddling around their pond as well. 

After lunch, the rain stopped so it was time for our bike ride. We ended up in Seneca Creek State Park and rode our bikes with the Potomac River to one side and the old C&O Canal locks on the other.  It was so pretty and such a nice cool day for a little bike ride.

What a wonderful day we had and all because we just set out to explore.  This area is such a beautiful part of our country!

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