Olivia's Goodbye to Nanny

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This was one of the last pictures Olivia took with her Nanny.  As you can clearly see, Nanny was full of life and such a fun Nanny.  Always up for a good laugh and some fun!

I was so proud of Olivia standing up in church to speak words to remember her Nanny.  She wrote this herself and delivered it flawlessly and with so much heart.  Nanny would have been proud.

Thank you for coming.  This would really mean a lot to my nanny.
My name is Olivia and I would like to share a poem that I wrote for my nanny and to share a memory that I have of her and me.

My nanny was perfect
She was nice and kind and she soured through the sky with her imagination.
She had great style and she always had a smile.
She was very smart and loving, caring and pretty too.
She knew all the birthdays and the family history too.
She knew how to make me laugh and put on a great big smile.
Dear God will you send her this message to her in heaven,
tell her I love and miss her.
Tell her that I know she is gone, but she will never parish from my heart.

The memory I would like to share is this:

I remember every time I would see nanny, I would grow a little taller.  First I was barely past her shoulders and the last time I saw her I was past her eyes.

I never got to outgrow my nanny, but that's ok.  Isn't it supposed to be that way?  Anyway, all I'm trying to say here is nanny you came in my life and filled my heart with love.  You were an amazing nanny and someday I hope I will be as good as you.

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