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Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 6 - 31 Day Blog Challenge. What are your best personality traits ...

Oh this will be a hard one because I can probably list more of my worst personality traits than my best ones. The challenge says 20 ... but being more realistic let's start with 10. 

1. I'm creative. 
2.  I'm stubborn ... I guess you could say this is not a good trait but it can be when it comes to getting things done regardless if someone says you can't. In fact if someone wants to motivate me tell me I can't do it. Lol
3. I'm optimistic.  Got this from my father hands down he was the most optimistic enthusiastic person I have ever known. 
4. I see potential in everything and everyone. 
5. I am an organized person.
6. I'm always on time if I'm in control. 
7. I'm adventurous and am usually up for anything. 
8. I live in the gray zone. There really isn't much that is a hard black or white.  In my opinion. 
9. I love learning. 
10. I love to be inspired and to inspire! 


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