House of Horrors

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 5 - 31 Day Blog Challenge 

We went on our 7th annual Halloween house tour with the Peppe's. None of our other friends appreciate being scared and startled as much as we do ... so we always go with Todd and Tammy.  The girls were at an all night Dance Marathon so we took that opportunity to go out to eat (drink HUgE margaritas) and then go to a haunted house. 

We usually go to an outdoor field haunted event but this time we decided to go through the haunted Paxton House and the Well of Souls. Talk about frightening. We all said that was the best one we ever attended. I screamed so loud my throat hurts this morning. Even Tammy, who normally isn't that scared by these things screamed a lot. 

Anyway awesome night and a great kick off to the October!  



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