October 31-Day Blog Challenge

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I really want to get back to regularly blogging. I know I've said it before , but I found a 31-Day challenge that gives you blog ideas and prompts each day. I can do that!

So today's challenge is - Introductions. 

So this is me all dolled up. And 

This is me not all - a goof ball. Btw isn't that fox sleeping mask adorable?  Found it at Five Below in case anyone wants to drop what they are doing to run out and get it. Which is exactly what I do when I see something I want. I have no patience and must find it immediately. Anyone else like that?  

This is my front porch all decorated for Fall. Needs something more ... can't figure it out but I'm sure inspiration will strike me. 

This is my 11-year old daughter. She just started middle school and for the most part is transitioning well. She is a spit fire, independent, soulful, and just a joy (with a few mood swings thrown in there for good measure!).

This is my bad a** husband ... LOL not really he's one of the nicest people you will ever meet but he does have an alter ego. Especially riding his Harley. 

and this is our beloved golden retriever, Rosie, at her finest .... wet, stinky, and happy!



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