Turks and Caicos - Day two

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Highlights of Day Two. 

- waking up early enjoying coffee and reading on our screened in large deck 
- nice breakfast of eggs and sausage on our deck. 
- Provo Pony ride that actually went into the water. That was so fun and the first time we ever did that on a horse. 
- a few hours by the pool while Dan planned some excursions and I played with Olivia 
- a nice relaxing bike ride to another beach on the island 
- awesome first time on this trip snorkel experience. We found 4 sand dollars and Olivia found two of the most perfect ones not a chip in them. Happily they survived the bike ride home.  We also saw many fish, star fish and a sting ray. 
- a walk along the beach to check out Beaches resort. Fun to watch all the weddings and photographers 
- pit stop for some refueling with ice cream on our way home. 
- lunch in the condo 
- finally someone checked in the lone hairdryer in the whole resort, LOL.  The hair dryer they had in the rooms was not sufficient. It would have NEVER dried my hair.  It's the little things lol I locked the hair dryer in my safe so the house keepers can't take it back until we check out. Hahaha. Btw the Keritain treatment I got right before coming down here was the best money I ever spent on a hair treatment. It's been so nice not to have to deal with frizzy thick huge hair in this humidity. It air drys flat which is the first for me. Okay enough about my hair but I'm sure some of you will understand hair drama!  LOL
- we got all cleaned up and walked over to the Seven Stars resort next door and ate dinner on the beach at The Deck.  
- wonderful relaxing music by the fire. Olivia ate 4 bites of dinner and promptly feel asleep. It was only 9pm!  
- Dan carried Olivia back while we walked along the beach back to our hotel
- perfect long wonderful second day on the beach!

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