Turks and Caicos - Day One

Sunday, April 13, 2014

We went to Turks and Caicos for Spring Break. After a run this awful winter, we definitely need some Caribbean sunshine!  Here are some highlights of our first day. 

I had 5 hurdles in my mind that we had to cross before I could relax into vacation. 

1. Getting up at 2am in the morning to catch a taxi
2. Making sure we went to the right airport because I never fly out of national and figuring out Air Canada because I've never flown that airline 
3. Making our connecting fight in Toronto
4. Arriving to Turks at planned time
5. Luggage arriving with us. 

Very happy to report that we jumped all five hurtles everything went smooth and we were on our way to enjoying a much needed Spring Break! 

The flight was easy and painless. We all just watched movies on our personal seat back tv. Olivia certainly enjoyed that little feature. 

At first arriving into Turks we were on the clouds and it looked like we may have neem arriving in a thunderstorm with all the turbulence we experienced. But then all of a sudden the plane broke free and we all were amazed at the turquoise water. Olivia was so excited clapping her hands and saying the water looked like glass. 

I got yelled at for taking that picture. I guess I didn't see the big sign that said no cameras. Ha way to go making a first impression in a foreign country. LOL

Since we got to our hotel about 1pm our room was not ready.  Our first mission of course was to head down to the beach to check out the water and eat some lunch. 

We checked into our room and got everything all situated. It's a very nice room. Views of the garden and poop and a slight view if the water.  Wish we could see the ocean a little better but we don't plan to spend too much time in our room so the view is just fine. I'll take pics of the inside of the condo and hotel grounds later. 

Later on that evening we walked to the grocery store to get some food since we have a full kitchen which is the on,y way to go on a beach vacation. The weather has been absolutely perfect not too hot and a nice little cooling breeze. 

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