Spring Break - Day Five - Escalante canyon hike

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This morning we actually had no early morning plans so we slept In a little, had a nice breakfast, Dan and Olivia went for a quick swim while I packed up the disaster of a hotel room. Around noon we set off up in route 12 towards Escalante.

We went down a brain jarring gravel road towards two canyon hikes we wanted to do before we headed off to the Grand Canyon. We hiked down to the first canyon called Peekaboo. The first part to get into the canyons was a bit treacherous of a rock climb but with Dan's help Olivia and I made it up. The canyons were beautiful and so much fun to hike through. A very different kind of hike from the ones we were on before.

The second canyon was called spooky. This one started off with a squeeze through several twists and turns and then a big drop that scared us to death but we did it!! You definitely could not be a larger person if you wanted to make it through these canyons. We all barely squeezed through. So much fun, but of all the hikes we have been on this one did scare me the most. I just hated not knowing where the canyon slots were taking me and feeling like we might get stuck ... Kind of freaked me out a little.

Now as I type this it's late and we are driving to the Grand Canyon. Long drive ahead of us. Dan and I both agree that we are "taster vacationers". We both like to see a little of a lot. Every vacation we have ever gone on we tend to do a ton of stuff ... we are not the kind of people who like to lounge around in one place for too long! Thankfully our vacation styles are comparable!

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