January Photo Collage

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wow ... January was a full month ... a great start to 2012!

Brought in the new year with my peeps at Trivania's!
Dan and I started our 10 week boot camp program - and I'm down 10 pounds so far!
Olivia starting to learn her multiplication tables.
A visit to the Newseum - maybe we should visit one new museum a month!
Judy and Pete came to visit.
My nephew, Matthew, and his wife, Heaven welcomed little Ruby into the world.
Dan's step-brother, Matt, passed away ... very sad!!
Jo Paterno (JoPa) legendary PSU , where Dan and I went to school, football coach passed away
Olivia's first All Start gymnastics meet -1st place team, 1st in Bar and 3rd overall!
Sweet sweet daughter bought me a pair of earrings that I love.
Dan and Olivia went skiing twice to Mt.Liberty and then as a family to Canaan Valley.
Motorcycle Convention
Peeps brunch downtown DC - filled my cup!

January 2012 Collage

January Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Many cultures celebrate New Years Day on March 21st, the Spring Equinox.
  • Leap years exempted, January always begins on the same day as October.
  • In leap years, January always begins on the same day as April and July
  • Leap years exempted, January always begins on the same day as October.
  • January's birthstone is the Garnet.
  • The name January is derived from Janus who presided over the gate to the new year.
  • New Year ceremonies are designed to get rid of the past and to welcome the future.
  • According to Facebook users, January is "Change Your Profile Picture To a Muppet" month.
  • January's birth flower is the Carnation.
  • January 1st, 1776, the first American flag, the "Grand Union" was presented. Betsy Ross later added the stars in place of the Union Jack.
  • January's horoscope signs are Capricorn and Aquarius.
  • The first Superbowl was held at the L.A. Coliseum on January.
  • January is National Soup Month in the US.


rebecca said...

January was definitely a full month for you! I just love your photos and your collage is SO great! Love how many photos you were able to include. :) Thanks for sharing with us!! :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I enjoy your January events and facts! Beautiful pictures! :)

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