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Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm reading this great book by Joel Osteen called,  Every Day is a Friday - well not 'reading' it but listening to it on audible (great great site, by the way!) during my work commutes.   Dan and I were listening to a portion of it during a recent car ride and Olivia, little be known to us, was absorbing the words while in the back seat.  At one point, Dan paused the tape and we started talking about the great messages Joel put forth in the book.   Olivia pipped up from the back seat to say,  "Mommy and Daddy, I think I'm going to make some changes in my life."   Dan and I just looked at each other with a smile - I love that she 'gets' the messages in the book and she actually was taking them to heart - thinking about how she could live a better life.  Love that!

Highly recommend the book - there isn't any "new" messages that I haven't heard before, but the stories and examples of how to live a happy content life are great reminders! 
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Cel said...

Beautiful daughter! :)

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