Beyond the Hair and Eyes ...

Friday, October 7, 2011

As much as I don't even want to think that Olivia is 'interested' in boys ... I have to say that I am happy to report that she has a good head on her shoulders and already knows what's important characteristics in members of the opposite sex.  She has had this long standing 'crush' on a boy at her school .. apparently I learned that 'everyone' has a crush on this particular boy at school.  When asked, why ... she declared that everyone is 'in love' with his hair!  She later declared that I don't like him because of his hair mommy, that's dumb .... that's not why you like a boy.  So I asked, her why does she like him ... she said that she liked him for his 'kindness' and 'respectfulness' - to use her words exactly.   I told her that those qualities are an excellent start and that I was happy that she sees beyond the 'good look' of an 8 year old boy and sees what is inside - for that is what counts.  I ended the talk with, "You're too young to worry about boys now anyway - there is plenty of time for that when you're older!"  Can I have an "AMEN"!

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