Monday, April 18, 2011

Edited Greece7

Today we woke up early to leave Athens and get on our ship. the Majesty Louis Cruises. We met our Trafalgar tour guide Ann and she explained all the details of our cruise and the various excursions at port

We set sail at 11am on our way to our first stop - the Greek island of Mykonos. We actually weren't sure if we would like this port as it's known for the party island and let's face it we aren't too much into the party scene anymore, but apparently the party season was not in full swing so it was nice and calm. The town dubbed Little Italy was beautiful!! We were totally surprised as we walked through the winding cobblestone streets lined with lime washed buildings.  Soooooo adorable and as you can see I couldn't atop taking pictures!!  The doors ... oh my ... the doors - to have a fun colorful door like these! 

Edited Greece4

On the island are these magical windmills - so so so windy on the hil - perfect spot for windmills I guess.  Such a magical place to take pictures! 

Edited Greece6

Later on that night we found a cute little place by the Aegean sea to have dinner and watch the sunset. It was a cloudy night so we didn't really get to see the sun setting. In fact, we have not really seen the sun the whole trip so far .... but alas I'm just happy we are experiencing this beautiful country!

Edited Greece9
Edited Greece8

We boarded at 10:30pm and set sail for Kusadasi, Turkey in the morning.

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