My bestie posted this to all our facebook walls the other day and let me tell you it was a timely message.  I just finished telling Dan that I do not really enjoy the month of December because the Christmas spirit gets sucked out of me by endless to do's and angst about wanting to make this time of year special for Olivia but always feeling like I fall short some how.  I end up being cranky and crabby to the ones I love the has to stop with the complete realization that "I Can Not Do It All" ... and that's OKAY!  

My goal for next week - the week leading into Christmas - is to relax and enjoy!  Be in the moment and as we count down to the last 5 days to help Olivia see the magic in everyday during this time of year.  Actually ENJOY making cookies without fretting over the mess that I have to clean up later or the pounds they will inevitable pack on.  To ENJOY the process of wrapping and embellishing the gifts I bought for those I love.  To ENJOY grocery shopping and planning meals for the company coming.  The list is endless, but my time on this earth is NOT ... so make every moment happens in the small moments - so make them count!  

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