The Scrooge

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday afternoon, we took Olivia to see The Scrooge. Although it was a very nice production, Olivia was getting a little restless right before intermission. So we thought she would jump at the chance to leave the show early. Although we hated to do it, I think we just were 'theatered' out this weekend and we just wanted to go home to enjoy the rest of our Sunday night. To our surprise, Olivia really wanted to stay to watch the end of the show. At this point, Dan and I made up our minds that we were he bribed her with candy to leave the show. Isn't that a's usually the other way around, bribing your kid with candy to stay and watch the show - quietly!

Here are some pictures I took of Olivia this afternoon. She actually asked for this little impromptu photo to love that. I think it was because she was feeling quite snazzy in her new little outfit.

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