Advent Calendar - Day 8

Monday, December 8, 2008

Totally random that on Advent Calendar Day 8, Olivia's prize was a deck of Crazy 8's. I taught her how to play during dinner.

And the funny look she has on her face is because she wasn't quite sure if she liked Day 8's surprise so......we had a nice long chat about how we always have to say thank you and act like we like a gift...even if we don't so we don't hurt people's feelings.
Here's a great link from a very resourceful website that I refer to often about raising "happy" kids...this one talks about raising grateful children in a world of entitlement.

And Eric, the Elf, couldn't think of an original place to sit apparently because we found him squatting on our fireplace mantel after his sprint to the North Pole last night. And I'm happy to report that Olivia's friend, Lex, now has an elf of her own named Dash.

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