That's Just Not Fair!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When I was little, I think around Olivia's age, I had to wear an eye patch intermittently due to a lazy eye, or to be technical, Amblyopia. I HATED to wear it, and you would have too! Although this picture is not me as a little girl, it reminds me of what my eye patch looked like. It was hideous and no amount of coaxing and bribing could get me to wear it longer than a few hours a day. I'm sure my mom could elaborate on my stubbornness at this point and she's more than welcome to in the comments, lol!. I just remember being sooo upset over it and I am soooo happy that Olivia doesn't have the same eye problems as I had as a child!

Anyway, this reminded me of my ordeal with my eye patch when I stumbled across this picture from "My Name is Heather' blog and apparently her daughter has the same condition....but look at the cool patch she gets to wear. I guess it helps that her mom is a fabric designer and artistic extraordinaire. Now if I had that when I was little, I would have been the coolest pirate girl on the block....Amblyopia or not!

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