Hersey Park

Sunday, June 15, 2008

At the last minute, Olivia and I decided to join Jan and Trudi and their son, Cameron, and granddaughter, Sara, to Hersey Park on Friday. It was very crowded and hot, but despite that we all had a great time. Olivia had a blast, it's so easy to please little kids at amusement parks. We were exhausted at the end of the day...we arrived around 10am and didn't leave until 9pm at night. Here are a few pics...

This is the look of pure excitement...getting ready to ride her first ride. She was tall as the "Reese's" line, which allowed her to ride on more rides other than just the kiddie ones.

Cameron, Sara, Trudi and Olivia in front of the pirate ship. This was Olivia's favorite ride, we rode it about 10 times (no lines). She looks so tiny in that second picture. She called the ride, the butt tickler...lol!

There weren't any lines for this racing roller coaster either, so Cameron, Sara and I must have rode it about 8 times. The last time I convinced Trudi to ride it with me. It was absolutely hysterical because she had her eyes shut the whole time yelling, "is it over?" "is it over?". I about wet my pants from laughing so hard, I know so cruel that I get such enjoyment over my sister's terror. They took your picture on this roller coaster and it was so funny looking (well her's was, lol). We couldn't even look at it or we would have past out from laughing so hard!!

Cameron, Sara and I decided to go on this roller coaster...Very Extreme! It was a blast! I forgot how much I love roller coasters!

A trip to Hersey Park wouldn't be complete without going on the tour in Chocolate World. Olivia was so excited that they handed out a free piece of chocolate at the end. She totally forgot that she doesn't like chocolate only to pop it into her mouth and promptly spit it out. Go figure, a child that doesn't like chocolate!

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my perfect world said...

The kids sure had a great time so did we, I still am very tired from our fair day.

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