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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Don't you just love it when you can redecorate an entire room using all things that you already own! My sister came over tonight and one thing led to another and 'wallah' - a new fabulous dining room! I love it!

The best part was putting away my china that I had in the china cabinet, which was beautiful, but kind of typical and grandma looking. So we exchanged them with my new Tracy Porter dinner plates. They look so awesome in there and really tied in the blue of the walls that we just painted. Now I just need to find some art to hang and new lamp shades, then I'm finally finished with this dining room!

We decided to produce our own decorating show called, "Sista ReMix", with all my sisters because they all have talent in the interior design arena!

Also, on another note...since I stopped going to the early morning (5:30am) exercise program and now just concentrating more on my running...I have more free time in the evenings since I don't have to go to bed so early. My scrapbooking was seriously hurting since I haven't been able to stay up late at night to do it. I'm exploring the area of art journaling. Very fun, not very good at it, but it's not about being good at it. It's all about just doing it...just being creative. This site has been inspirational.

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Happy Sophie said...

The pictures look amazing! I love the new look. We rock. Also, Tim was here giving me some decorating tips for my flower arrangement on the counter. I think we'll have to add him to the "Sista Re-mix" group. I had a blast last night! Love ya!

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