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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Olivia had her 4-year old pediatrician appointment yesterday. She had to have 4 shots and a finger prick for a blood test. Poor thing! Actually only 3 of the shots were for her immunizations, but the 4th shot was for Typhoid which the doctor recommended since we will be traveling to Mexico soon. She was very brave, very proud of her! Just broke my heart though when she cried, I had to fight to keep a reassuring (no big deal) look on my face! Anyway, she's in the 50th percentile for height and 30th percentile for weight. They said she probably will be abut 5'4' (my height). She's only 32 pounds...I think I need to start feeding her lard to put some fat on her; although the doctor said it was nothing to be concerned about.

We kept Olivia home today because her little arms are hurting her a lot, 2 shots in each arm. This morning she couldn't even lift them. I was able to get her to take two Children Tylenol tablets this morning and I think they are working because she's not complaining about her arms as much. In fact, she's at the playground with Dan as we speak. You see the dress in the picture, well this is what she wore to lunch today and Home Depot with Daddy. I figured it wasn't worth a clothing battle today :-).


Happy Sophie said...

She was very brave mommy. Four shots in one day...allowing her to wear her Princess dress all day only seemed fitting. Glad she is feeling better tonight.

jensays said...

When I was little, I rarely ate, I weighed under 40lbs in kindergarten and the doctor told my mother I'd eat when I needed to. I had much better things to do than stop to eat. And then of course the older I got, the fatter I got. If only I didn't love food SO much.

-Jennifer (remember me? Teresa's "daughter in law")

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