Day Six - France

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Today we toured Normandy and then made our way towards Mont Saint-Michel.

We woke up early, checked out and drove into the town to get some pastry for breakfast before making the 30 minute drive to Normandy to start the day.  Normandy was very special for me to see since my Dad was here at the age of 17.  He drove the landing barges onto Omaha beach.  It felt so surreal to be here honoring his courage.  I wish I could remember if my mom and dad visited here before they passed away.  Now, I'll never know.

Olivia is obsessed with fruit tarts!

World's smallest coffee!

We toured the area for most of the day before starting our 3 hour drive to Mont Saint-Michel.   This was Dan's most anticipated place to visit.  It's an Abby on a part of land that when the tide comes in and out it makes it's own little island.  We were lucky enough to find one a room in one of the few places to stay on the island - it was totally cool!

We hiked to the top to tour the Abby at night.  It was totally creepy - they had a light show and you would have thought it was Halloween.  Of courses, Dan freaked me out with his rendition of the Blair Witch Project!

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