16 Suggestions for Midlife

Friday, June 3, 2016

I just finished a wonderful book called Life Reimagined: The Science Art and Opportunity at Midlife by Barbara Bradley Hargerty.   I resisted reading this book because I didn't want to admit that indeed I was at midlife - defined as the decades between 40's, 50's, and 60's ... so yep, although I am in just the beginning midlife stage, at least I can claim that. 

I thoroughly enjoyed each chapter and thought I would share what the author concludes with -

16 suggestions for a flourishing midlife:
  1. Your most joyous years are ahead of you. 
  2. Aim for meaning, not just happiness and you will find both.
  3. Ask yourself how will I use my life for it's best purpose.
  4. Challenge your brain regularly.
  5. Be a rookie at something.
  6. Goals will energize your days.
  7. It's harder to hurt when you're laughing.
  8. Pay attention; the biggest threat to a seasoned marriage is neglect.
  9. Take trouble in stride.
  10. A few setbacks are just what the doctor ordered.
  11. There is danger on the periphery.
  12. Your thinking shapes your experience.
  13. Pivoting on your strengths beats starting from scratch.
  14. Redefine success on your values, not that of the rest of the world.
  15. If possible go for plan A.
  16. Happiness is love.

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