The Lessons of a Long Drive

Monday, October 13, 2014

We drove down to North Carolina for Dan's mom's 75th birthday party this weekend. It was an in and out weekend. We drove 7 hours on Friday night getting in at 1am on Saturday then left at 8:30am on Sunday arriving home at 3:00pm.  Lots and lots of driving can make one crabby so instead of thinking of how awful it was ...  I am going to list 10 lessons of a looooonnnnggg drive. 

1.  Togetherness means forced talking.  Sometimes you learn a great deal even from a tween girl who is hovering on the edge of lots and lots of changes in her life. 

2.  If you look out your window sometimes you will see spectacular beauty. 

3.  Acting crazy and laughing as a family is good for you all!

4.  It's ok to want a little space. 

5. And then you're happy to snuggle again. 

6.  You will come up with pretty ingenious ways to entertain yourself.

7.  Don't ever dress for a Long drive. The comfier the better!

8. Sometimes you just have to bust through barriers to get a little TLC 

9. Thank the man who drove profusely and often!

10.  Long drives make you appreciate your home even more!





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Anonymous said...

Hope all is well because there has not been a continuation in your blog. Hope you will continue... I enjoy reading your blog. :)

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