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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

To say I had a drinking problem is an understatement. Problem meaning I don't drink enough water!  There were days that I would go with maybe one glass of pure H2O a day, if that ... I just didn't think of drinking it. It was never a beverage of choice.  I knew all the health benefits related to water, but still was never able to uphold a commitment to drink at least 8 glasses for very long. Until now ... something clicked and I've been really trying hard to drink up!  I still don't love it, but heck most things that are good for us is met with resistence for some crazy reason ... so let's just say I sucked it up 'literally'. My goal is at least 50 ounces of water a day and ideally I should be drinking 70 ounces. The rule of thumb I have heard was to drink 1/2 of our weight in water. Ok yeah so now the World Wide Web know how much I weigh!  Yep letting it all out there!  

Anyway I thought I would share a few of my tips on how I manage to drink all the water I can manage in a day. Hope this helps anyone who struggles with this like I do. 

First - it's true water tastes better in glass bottles. Not to mention it's healthier for you than plastic. Also make sure the water is really cold ... lots of ice cubes makes it taste better to me for some reason. Plus a cute bottle in my favorite color makes me want to reach for it throughout the day. 

Second -  my count me healthy bracelet helps me keep track of my goal. I push two beads over to the left every time I finish a bottle of water. I am a list maker and tracker ... I love keeping tabs on how I progress towards goals. It also serves as a great visual reminder of how much I have left to drink in a day and it feels good when I push a bead over to the left ... 'to the left to the left...' (never mind)

Third - these little Mio's help a lot when I just can't take one more sip of boring ole water. I try not to depend on these too much and limit myself to one in the evening if I'm behind on my goal. It also is good at night if I'm craving something sweet ... A squirt of lemon and a squirt of ice tea tastes awesome and curbs my sweet tooth. 

It's been about 2 weeks now of the steady flow of the faucet ... gulp gulp. Slowly but surely making this a life ling habit. Water - it does a body good!!

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