Spring Break - Getting There!

Friday, March 22, 2013

For Spring Break this year we decided to head West and explore National Arches park in Utah, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Sedona and visit some family in Arizona. We are renting a car and driving to explore this beautiful part of the country.

So who knew getting to Moab, Utah would be such an ordeal!! Our first leg of the trip was to transfer in Denver and hop on a small plane into Moab. Well our flight was a little delayed leaving Dulles so we had very little connection time to get to the gate in Denver. As we were running down the terminal to catch our connection we heard that our flight to Moab was cancelled due to the snow storm in Denver and Hugh cross winds in the canyon! Ugh!!!!

So we did a upturn and raced up to customer service. I say race because right behind us were about 20 some other people headed the same way ... and one thing I know about cancelled flights you want to be the first at customer service to get first dibs on alternative reconnecting routes!!

So we scoured through other options to get to Moab none ideal, the next available flight in the airline that cancelled us to Moab was not until Tuesday (are you kidding me??). We considered renting a car from Denver and driving the 6 hours to Moab. Well driving through several mountain over passes in a snow storm and in the dark PLUS the rental car agency charges a small fortune for one way drop offs (like it would have cost us $1000) ... so that was not an option. Then we considered other places we could fly into and either catch a next day flight into Moab or rent a car. Issue was that Moab is such a tiny airport not a lot of places fly in to it and a lot of car rented agencies don't want to allow one way drop offs for some reason ... Which is very odd to me.

Anyway all of these decisions needed to be played out in our mind and decided on very quickly. So I was at the airline desk and Dan was in the phone with car rental agencies. Finally a customer service rep who wasn't even helping us leaned over and said you know I think there is a shuttle service from Grand Junction, Co to Moab.

So long story short we decided to fly into Grand Junction because there was a flight leaving in one hour and then somehow figure out this shuttle since renting a car was not an option. So while Dan led the way and figured out where our new gate was, I followed behind and figured out who to call about this shuttle that I had no idea what it was called or anything. Luckily our hotel in Moab knew of it and gave me a number. That shuttle agency could not come pick us up that night so she gave me a other number. I called that one and luckily the sweet man, Bryan, o. The otherwise of the phone saved the day and sent a driver to pick us up at Grand Junction at 11pm at night. Yes it cost some $$$ but heck we were determined to get to Utah that night. We had a ton of plans already scheduled for Sat and we didn't want to waste one singe day of our Spring Break.

We finally made it into Moab via driving in the middle of the night around 1am in the morning. Oh and out poor rental car at Moab airport that was being held for us was never able to be picked up. So we were able to get that the next morning.

Anyway long long long crazy story short I was very proud of how Dan and I worked together to solve the travel dilemmas. We could have easily started bickering and complaining to each other about the whole ordeal but we kept our cool figured it out and worked as a team to get it done. Olivia was even a great helper and trooper and she patiently waited for us to figure out these alternate routes. I think we could definitely win The Great Race!

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