Spring Break Day Two - Canyoneering and Hummer Ride

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Second day in Moab we woke up first thing in the morning to meet our guide to repel down two canyons and hike the morning glory trail. We all can't get over how different the landscape is compared to the Virgina mountains. We all keep remarking that we feel like we are on Mars. Our guide, Jay, was an old timer who has been around and done it all in the canyons. It was just the four of us so we got the special guided tour. Olivia was such a brave little trooper in the repels. Jay had to do some coaxing to get her to take that first bug step but she did it. She loved it!

It and so proud of how brave and courageous she is! The second repel was through an arch which was pretty awesome. It was a huge drop and it felt like it took forever to get down! The hike out was just beautiful. We met several Golden's along the way and thought how much Rosie would love this area. Although thinking about how close she would probably run towards the edge if these cliffs gives me heart burn just thinking about it. I barely can even stand it watching Olivia hike on some of these trails.

After our hike we grabbed some ice cream and got ready for our sunset hummer tour. Now that was an intense ride. We were all bundled and buckled up in the back seat of this huge hummer. We drive over rocks and hills that no other car except a hummer would dare even contemplate.  We even saw a dinosaur footprint - now that was cool.  We drove to a scenic overlook and watched the sun set ... I hope I captured some cool pics. The ride back was intense and I think I may have a few bruises in my back side to prove it!

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