Philadelphia Weekend - Day One

Monday, January 21, 2013

January 12th weekend we traveled to Philadelphia to attend an engagement party for our niece, Carolyn and her fiance, Tim.  We decided to make a weekend trip out of it so we drove up early Saturday morning.  We were luck enough to ge an awesome rate at the Ritz downtown.  We checked in and received complimentary champagne - and our room was great with an awesome view!



Of course, for lunch we had to eat a Philadelphia cheesecake and also a very yummy milkshake that Dan and I shared ... thanksfully, because I'm sure it was 2000 carlories at least - so yummy!



We decided that we would first visit the Eastern State Penitentiary.  Olivia was quite excited to tour a prison.

_MG_1412 copy

_MG_1407 copy

_MG_1406 copy

_MG_1405 copy

It was a photographer's heaven ... so many unique textures and perspectives.  While we were there there must have been a photography club or class because I never saw so many people walking around with big time cameras and tri-pods.

_MG_1399 copy

_MG_1398 copy

_MG_1396 copy

_MG_1389 copy

_MG_1385 copy

_MG_1381 copy

_MG_1428 copy

_MG_1421 copy

This was Al Capone's cell ... obviously he received some special treatment while he was here for a year. 


Afterwards, we had a little time before we needed to be at the engagement party, so we stooped by and toured Betsy Ross's house

_MG_1430 copy

_MG_1431 copy

_MG_1432 copy

Betsy Ross explained to the children that she had the idea for a 5-pointed star.  Apparently George Washington wanted a 6 point star.   Betsy made a 5-point star out of paper for each of the children.

_MG_1433 copy

Then we went to Benjamin Franklin's resting place.  Both Dan and I commented that he certainly was an overachiever.

_MG_1437 copy

_MG_1438 copy

Then we explored Historic Christ Church.  It is known as "The Nation's Church" because of the famous Revolutionary-era leaders who worshiped here,

_MG_1440 copy

_MG_1441 copy

_MG_1444 copy

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