Christmas Tree Hunt

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This year we went to a new place to find our Christmas tree.  It was a cute little farm in Middleburg with a pet pig of all things.  It was a very nice day out - no rain, no snow .. so I was happy!  Of course Dan took forever to find the perfect tree and the one we picked up was HUGE ... although it didn't look that big in the field ... until we tried to bring it into our house.  Times like this is when I wish I had higher ceilings.  However, it ended up looking quite fat and lovely once we decorated it.

_MG_0786 copy _MG_0739 copy

While Dan searched for the perfect tree ... Olivia and I entertained ourselves by playing hide and seek and cracking each other up!

 _MG_0728 copy _MG_0724 copy

Oh hello there Dan ... find that perfect tree YET?

 _MG_0720 copy

Rosie, of course, was a part of the action. She was able to roam free and of course found something disgusting to role around in! At one point she went on a bee line towards the pig ... but something made her stop and haul butt back to where we were. Wonder what she saw, or what that pig said to her?!

_MG_0716 copy

Of course, Dan is never satisfied with just still pictures. He makes me video tape every moment of our lives, but we never ever see them. He needs to post them somewhere!

_MG_0741 copy

Getting ready to cut!

 _MG_0744 copy _MG_0746 copy _MG_0752 copy

Hauling the behemoth out ... where is the guy with the tractor when you need him?

 _MG_0770 copy

There he is, Olivia was the smart one and hitched a ride.

 _MG_0782 copy

Mighty Man!

 _MG_0801 copy

 Yeah we have our tree!

_MG_0804 copy _MG_0797 copy

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