The party ... was awesome!  We hired a limo and took 9 girls around the community on a scavenger hunt .. that ended in a clue that was the address to Zinga, a favorite local frozen yogurt place!  The girls loved it - a very fun day!  As the girls arrived I took these fun pictures of them!

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First Clue:   Green and fuzzy is how I'm served.  I can fly and land and come in a can.  Where do I play?

The girls guessed a tennis court and then they had to find the ball with a number on it - which was part of the clue that they would decipher once they had gathered all the numbers.



Second clue:  Where would you go to play if you were 60 million and a day?  Yes I'm old so the story is told, but don't worry I'm not around any more.

The girls guessed Dinosaur park.  They had to count the number of swings at the park as one of the clues.


Third Clue:  The 3rd clue was a picture decoder - answer was Cedar Lane Elementary.  The girls had to count the number of letters in the sign for the code.



Forth Clue:  I am always hungry, I must always be fed.  The finger I touch turns red.  Who makes me go away?

The answer was the fire station .. that one stumped the girls for a bit.  They had to figure out what engine number the station was.  When we got there two fire fighters came out and gave the girls an impromptu tour!  Nice!



The fifth clue:  Double the pleasure, double the laughter, double the skip, jump and run to their backyard that's not too far.  

The answer was the Peppe girl's backyard.  The girls had to count the number of stars in the many flags they had outside.


The Sixth Clue:  I bore and amuse.  I can be big or small, skinny or tall. I  can be scary, funny, sad or mysterious.  Look inside me and gain some knowledge.  What am I and where do I live?

The answer - the library.  Once there the girls had to balance a book on their head and then find the number that was circled in the books I bought them as their take home prize.


Seventh Clue:  I have a blades that turn.  I sit higher on top of a tower and generate power.  

The answer was the windmill.  The girls had to count the number of rungs in the tower.


Eight Clue:  Roll on through if its food that you seek all you have to do is speak.  I will hand you your fries and sometimes it comes with a prize.  

Answer - Wendy's ... they had to find out the price of a kids happy meal.


Ninth Clue - was another picture decipher clue that spelled out Post Office.  

They had to find out how much was it to rent a 12x12 box.  It actually took the kids awhile to find the sign that told them.  it was hilarious watching them try to figure it out!



Tenth Clue was another picture gram - the Water Fountain. 

 I teased the girls telling them they had to count the number of pennies in the fountain.  LOL.  I finally let on that they only had to count the number of buttons on the pizza statue that was right outside.




Eleventh Clue - I can be big or small, hairless or furry, scaled or smooth, but if you need to take care of me this is where you would go.  

Answer - the pet store.  They had to count the number of pet pictures on the wall surrounding the store.


Twelfth Clue:  I come in a box crunchy and sweet.  Meet me here to find this morning treat.  

The answer was Lucky Charms.  They had to go into the grocery store and find the cereal aisle and count the number of lucky charms on the box.


Thirteenth Clue:  This girl is super sweet if you ever meet.  Some of you may have just met.  If you ask I'll bet she'll sing for you.  She lives with a snorting beast, can you guess where we will go next?  

The answer was lex's house.  They had to count the number of pink toenails on Hailey's feet (their bull dog!)


This was their last clue!  They now had all the numbers to decipher the written clue  - which ended up being an address.  They gave the address to the limo driver and we drove to Zinga.  Which was a surprise for them - there we had a tour of the back room where they make their frozen yogurt and the girls all got a cup of yogurt!







Phew - what a birthday!  The girls loved it and they all had fun!  The bonus was there was no mess in my house afterwards!  LOL

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