Olivia's 9th Birthday Party - American Girl

Friday, June 15, 2012

On Olivia's actual birthday, June 2nd we surprised her and took her to the American Girl cafe for a little shopping and a birthday lunch.  It was just the three of us as her actual birthday party wasn't until the next day.  We had a great time.  She was so happy to use her AG gift cards from Nanny, Aunt Teresa and we chipped in too to buy the McKenna AG and the loft bed - which she was drooling over.  She finally decided after over an hour of deliberation to use her birthday money to buy the bed ... then we asked the sales clerk and was told that they didn't think they had any left.  So I left Dan to wait for the clerk to double check and in the mean time I told Olivia that they were all sold out so Daddy was buying the doll and some other things she picked out instead.  It was so precious because she hugged me and said, that's okay mommy maybe next time I'll get what I really want.  LOL --- right then Dan walked out with a huge box that couldn't be mistaken with what was inside.  She was so cute - so excited.  It was worth just seeing her little face!  Love my little 9 year old!

2012 06 02

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