Turtle Savior

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My husband is such a sweet man. This is just one example of many ... Although I will have to admit things like this simultaneously annoy me (hey we had someplace to go and we were late!) and make me love him all at the same time.

We were driving and we saw a turtle in the middle of the road ... Dan promptly turned around and ran out to save it. Well maybe promptly is not the right word because I said no keep going at first, but then he used his stand by karma speech on me and it works every time. I told him to turn around ... Heck I'm not one to mess with potential good karma!

The thing I love about this picture is Olivia watching out the window at her Dad racing across the road to save that turtle. I couldn't help but think that moments like this make an undeniable impression in her brain on the type of Father she is lucky enough to have. This sparked memories of my own Dad ... who, as an avid fly fisherman always through his trout back into the stream. He was a very compassionate man and it's no wonder I married someone similar. I hope Olivia finds someone just like her grandfather and father someday, I have a feeling she will!

Afterwards we all made up a story from the turtle's perspective. About how someday the great great grandchildren of that turtle will retell the story of the great Turtle Savior who dared to help their great great grandfather cross the road to the other side of fortune! LOL

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