Busch Gardens

Thursday, May 24, 2012

After States on Saturday, we woke up bright and early and headed to Busch Gardens for the day.  It was a nice treat for the girls after a great competition season. 

The girls and I headed to the park.

 _MG_7270 The first order of business of the day was to ride the Lochness Monster. All the girls were tall enough to ride this. They loved it!


That's us up-side-down. Tammy, who surprisingly, doesn't do roller coasters was the picture taker at the bottom of the roller coaster!


The next ride was the Pirate Ship and we convinced Tammy to ride this one. The next series of pictures are hilarious! She definitely is not a thrill rider ... Tammy had tears in her eyes at the end of the ride! Sorry, but it was just too funny!!


The look of concern!



 I can not look at this picture without busting out laughing! Mind you, this girl is a former Marine!!

Tammy do you honestly think your 50 pound daughter is going to save you?


Todd is having way too much fun at his wife's expense! LOL

Yes, my sweet friend, the ride is over ... you did your duty, no more rides are required of you!

 _MG_7299 _MG_7432 _MG_7382 _MG_7380 _MG_7373 _MG_7370

Our friends, Tammi and Jorden joined us for the day!


The next ride caused a few tears ... it was the tower drop!

 _MG_7358 _MG_7343_MG_7331

But they all recovered!


Especially this one, after she learned she didn't have to ride another roller coaster!

 _MG_7323 _MG_7315

All and all it was an awesome day!

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