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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I've been reluctant posting before and after pictures of my 10 week boot camp program I started in January. I have seen so many others post their weight lose journey on their blogs and it always inspired me so I figured I would try to do the same.

I was able to lose the bulk of my weight during those 10 weeks ... I'm still losing and have about 10 more pounds to lose before I reach my ultimate goal. I did so many things differently then any other diet I have ever been on, and this is why I know I'll be able to maintain this. For starters,  I did more strength training then cardio.  I never lifted weights before, but I have to say, hands down, this has created the most remarkable and noticeable changes to my body.  I feel so much stronger and I just love that feeling.  Love the quote, "Skinny girls look good in clothes, Strong girls look good naked!"  I think the fact that muscle burns fat even at rest finally made it to my brain and my strength training sessions are here to stay!  Second change was that I prepared meals for the week every Sunday.  I knew exactly what I needed to eat each week and even weighed all my food - wow I got an eye opener in portion control.  This alone was a great lesson to learn.  Last, I exercised religiously every motioning at 5am.  Now it's a habit and if I don't go in the morning, I feel lost and out of sorts all day.  The other thing that made this program work for me was that my BFF and my husband were both on the same 10 week program with me do there was a ton of support and motivation.

I am very happy with the results and definitely can say this is a life style change. Dan did awesome too. We both are now eating healthy and still exercising every day.

This app helped me keep track of calories in and calories out.  If you have an issue with mindless eating, keeping track of what you eat will help a lot!

I like to 'track' things .. and document them - it's in my personality.  Anyway, I found this 'habit tracker' app very motivational --- I checked off every day that I worked out.  It gave me motivation to see how long of a streak that I could make.  I still am trying to break that 20 streaks!

Still on the journey ... living a healthy lifestyle is something you never end.  It's actually something I enjoy doing now. It's here to stay!


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