Bahamas - Last Day

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am posting pictures from our Bahama's trip in random order ... I just want to get them up on my blog and am not really concerned with the order of them ... no time to fuss ... what's the quote, "Perfect is the enemy of done!"  That is my motto!

Our last day at the Atlantis we decided to hang out at the beach instead of setting up shop for the day by one of the pools.  We woke up early to snag this awesome portion of the private lagoon beach off of The Cove hotel.  It was beautiful there ... although it was a little windy that day.

_MG_6446 copy

Dan picked this up on our many walks down the beach - doesn't it look like it has a thousand little green beads?

_MG_6441 copy

_MG_6440 copy

What would a trip be without our standard feet photo?

_MG_6435 copy

_MG_6431 copy

I think I may have asked Olivia to jump about 100 times in front of my camera until I got the right shot - she obliged each and every time - what a trooper she 'can' be.

_MG_6413 copy

_MG_6409 copy

_MG_6408 copy

_MG_6395 copy

_MG_6389 copy

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