10 Week Boot Camp!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dan and I both signed up for 10 Week Boot Camp with Dr.Willey Transformation program.  It involves weekly menus and exercise program - mainly consisting of a lot of resistance training.  We have a personal trainer who customizes our meal plans for us and we have weekly calls.  There are 10 other people, all over the country, in the boot camp with us (including my friend Jen - which is awesome motivation when your BFF and husband are all doing it!)  This is an entirely new way for me to exercise.  I'm normally a low calorie / high cardio kind of girl....this is a mix of low calorie/high carbs/low carbs - lots and lots of protein on the menu and ALL weight training (little cardio involved).  I'm really excited to see the results for both of us.  We are going into week two and so far so good.  I work out early early morning and Dan late at night, after work and after Olivia goes to bed.  It's been working out so far.  It's definitely a commitment - the only day we have 'off' is Sunday and we spend 2 hours of that day just preparing all our food!  It will be worth it in the end - especially for Dan, he really needed to get his health back on track this year.


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Anonymous said...

How is the 10w program working for you?

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